Teak Shower Bench Makes It Easier


Do you ever feel the need of including a piece of convenient furniture made from wood in your bathroom? There are good reasons to have a teak shower bench for your personal cleansing haven. The teak shower bench is one of the most durable pieces of furniture for the bathroom. It withstands the conditions prevailing in your bath, be it heat, dampness, mildew, or molds. If you love wooden furniture, you certainly are aware that teak wood is amongst the best woods employed for making furniture.

Teak wood is reputed to be the strongest known wood the world over. Coming from the forests of South East Asia, it has the ability to easily withstand changing weather conditions. It can bear high winds. It has natural oils, making it highly resistant to water, decay, insects, and bacteria. It remains a favorite of designers and manufacturers of furniture as it can easily be cut and given many beautiful forms. That’s the reason for its being the ultimate choice for bathroom and outdoor furniture.

Why teak shower benches in the bathroom?

Teak shower benches perfectly fit any style of bathroom, whether it’s just moderate or ultra-modern. Elders or disabled members of your family, kids, and even yourself would enjoy sitting on this kind of chair while performing your daily rituals in the bathroom. The seniors don’t have to stand for long while taking a shower. We know how difficult it gets for the elderly to continue maintaining balance while bathing. It is imperative that we offer them something to sit on and thus avoid straining themselves.

These chairs are essentially needed for the disabled enabling them to remain comfortable while bathing. Bathrooms are known to be one of the riskiest places for causing the most serious of accidents to the elderly and the disabled. So, why not offer them a secure and safe accessory enabling them to have a safe and enjoyable experience in the bathroom.

On having a caregiver to assist the disabled, the caregiver can finally leave alone the disabled while bathing because teak shower benches provide the required stability. For the entire family, teak shower chairs can be a resting place for the bath essentials. You can comfortably sit on a teak shower bench while trimming your unwanted hair or shaving your legs. Undertaking such activities becomes so convenient and quick by having these chairs in the bathroom. They allow you to have an enjoyable long shower without your having to remain in the bathtub for long.

Why teak bath chair, why not other bath benches?

For a durable bath bench to last a lifetime it has to be made of a durable material to withstand water and humid conditions prevalent there and yet maintains its elegant looks. Teak is one material that becomes more beautiful with passing years. No other wooden bath furniture can so easily survive the conditions prevailing in the bathroom as a teak shower bench can. Shower benches made from teak are quite expensive but bear the hot and humid conditions. Shower benches made from a cheaper variety of wood or other materials like aluminum wouldn’t last long and undergo chipping or warping, necessitating their replacement.

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