Clearing Your Garden for Spring


Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply inside your home. Your garden needs a spruce up too. The following top tips will be useful whether you are about to embark on a mammoth growing season or you simply want to make sure that you can relax and enjoy the warmer days and nights when they arrive.

Just as you might do indoors, your garden needs a declutter before you even begin the tidying process. There is absolutely no point in finding a place for something that you never use or moving things around when you hardly notice that they are there. Having a good clear-out can be especially important if you are working with quite a compact outside space, such as in many urban settings.

Think about selling good quality items, such as stone planters, that you no longer use. You can then use the money to buy new things that are either more useful or better-suited to your tastes.

If there are items in your garden that you don’t really need but you can’t bear to part with, you might consider putting them into storage. Self-storage could enable you to keep a treasured item you inherited safe, for example, whilst still freeing up usable space in your garden. Storage can also give you time if you are not sure how things will work out but you want to make use of your outside space while the future unravels itself.

Time for the chop

Prune plants and shrubs, and clear flower beds. If you have no idea about pruning, have a look at the RHS beginner’s guide. You will also need to remove and compost annual plants that have been overlooked over the winter, as well as getting rid of mulch.

Clean greenhouses and garden furniture

If you haven’t done it over the winter, make sure your greenhouse is ready for spring cuttings and seedlings. Clear out any clutter and wash the outside with detergent or disinfectant to get rid of grime, moss and algae. Just make sure that what you use isn’t dangerous to plants, wildlife or pets that may come into contact with the same areas.

Wash down and re-stain or paint garden benches, tables and any furniture that has been left outside over winter. Get rid of anything that didn’t make it through the colder months.

Dispose of any pieces of trellis, gates or fence panels that have been damaged by winter weather or are decaying, and replace broken structures or segments. Use a power washer to clean away mildew, moss and stubborn dirt. Make sure you let wood completely dry out before you apply two coats of your choice of wood preservative, paint or stain.

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