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A person who expresses interest in interior design may be skilled enough to start their own interior design business. With a business, the owner enjoys the work they are doing, as well as making a considerable income. Together, the owner and employees create and design an aesthetically pleasing space. During the process of designing a space, one will learn new skills and improve the ones they already possess and build onto their own skill with every project.

Before starting a business, however, one must earn the proper education. There are various interior design classes to take and degrees to earn. Training is also available for those who wish to have more skills under their belt before opening up a business. Interning under a professional interior designer is recommended, to go through the experience before taking the licensing exam. Opening up an interior design business isn`t that easy- one must go through school, apprenticeship, and training.

The more education they have, the more likely they are to succeed with their business. Some even choose to open up a business with fellow interior designers to maximize productivity and profitability. However, others may choose to own the business alone and hire employees who work for them instead. It is possible for you to make a lot of money from an interior design business if you are creative and innovative, which will get you more interested customers.

Hiring workers who have past experience and can come up with new ideas is a good and smart idea. You should always think of different approaches to designing a home and think out of the box. By using your past experiences, you can learn more skills to further increase your knowledge and technique of interior design. The interior design business is in big demand since people continue to invest in new properties or plan to remodel old ones. The designer is taxed with mixing and matching patterns, select color palettes, and plan the functionality of the space of a property.

According to recent magazine surveys, 46 percent of Americans plan to redecorate in the next five years, compared to 35 percent during the last half-decade. If you are an imaginative and creative individual you may consider a career in interior design. A good eye for shape and color is a must. What does a designer do? Decorates homes of varying architectural styles, provides commercial design services, and designing custom interiors. You may want to select a market and specialize in the sector since the possibilities are so numerous – homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, etc.

You will also need to have an understanding of flammability and toxicity standards and be able to read a blueprint. Good communication skills are required to deal with engineers, architects, and clients. In the United Kingdom, around fifty universities and art colleges offer a 3-year degree course in interior design. Many of these courses are relatively new however there are several institutions with a proven track record in this subject area. Kingston University in London is hailed by many as the “home” of interior design education in the UK. From here many of the country’s leading interior design professionals have been trained.

These talented individuals have shaped the nature of the profession over the last forty years. Online courses are also available for persons to study interior design online. These courses also lead to the awards of diplomas. Taking into consideration that almost everyone has a computer and a method of transportation, the start-up cost of the interior design business is relatively low. One can also start his interior design business by using his/her own home as the base of operations with a minimal financial investment. Basic expenses that need to be undertaken to have the necessary interior design business tools will consist of the following:

1. Business cards
2. Preparing your portfolio
3. Office supplies
4. Promotional brochures
5. Computer software
6. Initial advertising
7. Creating a website
8. Get an interior design business permit or license

Most importantly you need to make sure to have funds to cover between three to six months of both personal and business expenses. A good idea is to put up an advert in interior design magazines and in an interior design business directory. The list of magazines tackling interior design is too numerous to mention. One just needs to visit a stationery shop to view the plethora of magazines on offer. From these magazines, we can get valuable tips and ideas to augment the training received.
Since trends do change over time having a look at recent publications will keep you up to date on and what to suggest to clients. Available are also various books on the subject. From there, we can take step by step guides on various skills to tackle color relationships and select materials amongst others.

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