Put a Stop to House Break-ins and Burglary Once and for All


The new LOXXON® HERMETIC ALARM COMPUTER is the first and only fully-automatic, portable and free of any installation, computerized alarm system that is manufactured in accordance with the unique ROOM-RESONANCE design principle!

Just put the little book-sized box in place and switch it on! The system safeguards hermetically the outer skin of buildings (doors, windows, walls, floors) which may extend over six-floor levels and an area up to 20,000 square feet (2,000 square meters) against any kind of forced entry. It functions everywhere and responds instantly (without the need for electrical contacts)!

  • By merely putting the System in place, your valuable premises are safeguarded against breaking and entering!
  • Protected at all times by the most modern computerized device on the market!
  • No need to restrict the movement of persons and pets inside the building!
  • Protected against sabotage and working completely passive!
  • No emission of signals or rays! It cannot be detected from the outside!
  • The system is practically invisible!
  • It can be easily concealed because it needs neither wiring nor any electrical mains power connections!
  • The alarm operates failure-proof to the fullest extent!
  • HERMETIC-ALARM is free from maintenance! ( except for the once-a-year recharging of the battery ).
  • The computerized alarm system, not larger than an average-sized book, safeguards your entire home and other premises, without the need for electrical contacts or costly installations, regardless of the number of windows and doors! Its guarding range covers an area of up to 20,000 square feet (2000 square meters) extending over as many as up to six floor levels. Any forced breakage of the outer building skin (including windows, exterior doors, walls, roof, foundations) will trigger an instant alarm!
  • The absolutely state-of-the-art method for the safeguarding of buildings, by the ROOM-RESONANCE METHOD, has become known as the “LOXXOMATIC”. After several years of comprehensive research, our alarm system, and now made available as the latest generation of equipment in this field has been developed to an ALARM-COMPUTER that automatically adapts to the size and volume of the buildings which are intended to be protected against break-ins, unauthorized entering, and burglary.
  • The sophisticated function of the alarm system virtually recognizes and immediately eliminates influences that might provoke false alarms, thus rendering the entire system failsafe against false alarms of any kind. As an additional feature, a passive infrared moving detector has been integrated into the LOXXON HERMETIC-ALARM unit, leaving sneaking thieves and lock-pickers with no chance against the system! The new LOXXON® HERMETIC 2000-ALARM Computer is powered by a rechargeable battery that must be recharged only once a year.
  • This power supply renders the system completely independent from the electric mains power supply, allows it to be placed in any location, and concealed in places one wishes to hide the unit. Even locking the LOXXON HERMETIC-ALARM inside a cabinet, cupboard, wardrobe or closet will still allow the system to function perfectly! A loud horn speaker siren is included in the package of basic equipment and delivery.
  • It goes without saying that the LOXXON HERMETIC-ALARM system is expandable with such items as easy_to-use radio remote control and telephone dial-up equipment (security guard, police). Satellite or cellular telephones are equally suitable for being connected to the LOXXON system.

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