Find Out Which Home Improvements Will Give You the Most Value for Your Money


There are several reasons people make home improvements. It’s usually to increase the resale value of their home because something is outdated or needs fixing, or for their own personal enjoyment. The first of these; increasing home resale value, is the most common reason for home improvement, and the one that we’re going to go over in greater detail to let you know how to get the most value for your home improvement dollar.

You should always make the home improvements that are most visible since these will appeal the most to buyers. Here are the top home improvements that will make your home stand out to potential buyers:

  1. Yard improvement. Improving your yard is a good way to begin your home improvement because it gives your home the most “curb appeal.” Make sure your lawn is regularly mowed and watered, and if your yard is fairly plain, you may want to add some small trees or flowers. Choose plants that grow well in your area and climate so your yard will be as low-maintenance as possible.
  2. Paint. Fresh paint throughout the house is a home improvement that will make your home appear much nicer and newer. Paint doesn’t cost very much, and it’s a home improvement project you can undertake on your own without having to hire a contractor. Depending on the material your home is made of, you may want to paint the outside as well.
  3. New floors, if needed (tile or hardwood). New floors have great visual appeal. Some homeowners are tempted to simply offer the buyer an allowance for new floors rather than making this home improvement, but research has shown that prospective buyers are more likely to get a home that has new floors already in place. This is a home improvement project that it is possible to do yourself, you’ll just need to evaluate how much time you have and how ‘handy’ you are. Hiring a professional might be better if you don’t think you are capable of doing a professional quality job (be realistic). If your floors are in fairly good shape though, the home improvement of replacing them may cost you more than it is worth to the value of your home.
  4. This last one isn’t always considered a ‘home improvement,’ but before you show your home to any customers, you need to do some deep cleaning. Although this sounds obvious, many sellers clean haphazardly or not at all before showing their home. This will greatly lower what anyone is willing to pay. In addition to basic cleaning, all wood should be polished, mirrors and glass surfaces should be perfectly clean, and if the carpet hasn’t been replaced it should be deep-cleaned by a professional cleaner.

The home improvements listed above can all potentially be done on your own, although, depending on your abilities, you may want to hire a professional for some of these home improvements, like installing new floors and cleaning your carpets. People all too often undertake home improvement projects they are not capable of in order to save money. Many times an amateur will do great damage to their home, or injure themselves while attempting home improvements. Some home improvements you should probably not do on your own include plumbing, electricity, city, and anything that involves you crawling under your home or working on a steep roof.

One last tip: when making a home improvement on a home, such as painting or flooring, be conservative with colors and styles. Remember that your personal tastes don’t matter as much when you’re selling, and you want something that will appeal to the general public.

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