Prepping Home for Your Vacation


If you plan to go on a vacation months before the actual date, you would feel excited to prepare for the things you will pack and the many sites to visit in the destination. You will get all your travel documents ready and settle all your bills to make sure you won’t be penalized with late-payment fees. Aside from these, prepping your home before the vacation is a must that some people fail to recognize. In this article, we will talk about how to prepare your home and make everything safe before going out of town or the country for that upcoming vacation.

1. Install a Burglar Alarm System

Alarms are meant to alert you in case there are people who attempt to get inside your house without permission or your knowledge. To make sure your house is secure, as a homeowner, you should have these burglar alarm system installed in place. Even if you are not around, neighbors will be informed and security guards in your village can be automatically informed about the break-in. It is wise to buy this device months or weeks before your trip so that you can promptly know about its features and make settings personalized for your use.

2. Set Auto-answering Machine Messages

Nowadays, with the advent of social media, you can announce to everyone the details of your trip. These include where you are going when you will be back and reminders while you’re away. You can also be reached through your mobile phone number. But in some special cases where companies and others will be calling your landline, you won’t be able to inform them of your whereabouts. The best way is still to go traditional—set a voice mail in your telephone or have an auto-answering machine message.

3. Unplug Electrical Devices

Unplugging electrical devices and appliances will help you not worry about your house being caught in the fire. Aside from green living, this practice will also reduce your electricity bills from vampire energy consumed. Vampire energy is the power that your gadgets or appliances draw while they are in standby mode. The most popular example is the TV, hot water heater, stereos, and computers that may seem to be off but really they are drawing energies at bay.

4. Turn Off Main Water Valve

If you are going on a trip with your family and you will be away for a long, turning off the main water valve will make you conserve energy. This guarantees that there will be no leakage of pipes that will bring more costs to your water bill. This will also help in avoiding problems such as frozen pipes and other plumbing issues.

5. Don’t Forget the Plants

If you won’t be hiring a house helper or ask help from a friend or neighbor to take care of your plants while you’re out, a good thing to do is to soak the plants with water and create a self-watering system. This is easy to make. Fill a plastic container with pebbles and fill the bottom with water. This is good for about a week for the plants to absorb the moisture they need. Another extra way is to mulch the plants with a damp towel for the roots not to be logged with too much water.

Vacation is always a time to relax. If you have good preparations for your house, you will have a sound mind and no worries as you are assured that everything will be safe and alright. Keep these tips in mind before your departure and make a checklist of precautions to consider.

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